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Obvious Statement:
"If you are alive, you have access to water!"

Living a healthy life should be an accessible right, yet many people in the world lack access to clean and safe water. Start With One is working towards changing that with the Uzima Water Filter – aptly named ‘Abundant Life’ in Swahili.

Standard benefits:

  • Helps provide people with access to clean and safe water, which can help prevent potentially fatal diseases.
  • Portable and easy to use, making it ideal for use in developing countries.
  • Emotional benefits:
  • Gives people the opportunity to live a healthy life, free from fear of deadly diseases.
  • Lends a helping hand to those who need it most, in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

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Don't drink the water!

... unless its been filtered

Living Water: Reflecting the Gospel through Clean Water Provision and Uzima Filters

The provision of clean water is an embodiment of the core principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, exemplifying compassion, service, and love for humanity. In the Gospel, Jesus often emphasized the significance of caring for the marginalized and disadvantaged. This spiritual doctrine finds practical expression in initiatives like Uzima water filters, which not only offer clean water but also reflect the essence of the Gospel through their impact on impoverished communities.

Compassion and Service: Jesus Christ’s teachings revolved around compassion for the needy. The provision of clean water to impoverished communities aligns with this principle. Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental human need, and through the provision of Uzima water filters, individuals are given the gift of clean, safe water, echoing Jesus’ compassionate nature towards those in need.

Love and Empathy: The Gospel advocates for love and empathy towards all. Providing clean water, essential for health and life, demonstrates a profound love for fellow human beings. By ensuring access to safe water, the basic foundation for a healthy life is established, echoing Jesus’ love for humanity by addressing their fundamental needs.

Empowerment and Dignity: Jesus aimed to uplift individuals, empowering them with dignity and respect. Uzima water filters not only provide clean water but also empower communities by giving them the means to sustain their health and well-being. This empowerment resonates with the Gospel’s aim to uplift and dignify lives, enabling individuals to thrive.

Community Building: The Gospel emphasizes the importance of community and unity. Uzima water filters not only provide individual households with clean water but also foster a sense of community. By addressing a shared need, these filters bring communities together, nurturing a sense of cooperation and support, echoing the Gospel’s emphasis on communal care.

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The provision of clean water and Uzima water filters to impoverished communities stands as a tangible representation of the Gospel’s teachings by addressing a fundamental human need and demonstrating care and concern for the most vulnerable in society.

Start With One recognized just how important (and impactful) clean water was in order to make lasting change - not simply in the everyday lives but in the future prospects of those communities it serves. SWOK provides help for people living in extreme poverty who struggle with an immense lack of resources and resources that are unlikely to be replaced anytime soon. Providing clean water is an essential part of basic hygiene and improved health, something that is necessary but often difficult to find in remote villages and rural areas in Kenya. Clean Water literally has the power to save lives, giving people direct and immediate access to much needed aid, something not many organizations offer. Start With One knows that the power of clean water can drastically change the lives of thousands of people, (Currently SWOK has impacted about 500,000 people's lives through the provision of Clean Water) and they have made it their mission to ensure everyone has access to this life changing commodity.

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It is said that "Water is Life." True but "Clean Water is Abundant Life!"

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